We are Valmeco from Estonia, and we’re offering wooden houses manufacturing services since 1991

In the beginning we were focusing on mass producing different wooden houses: garden houses, summerhouses, garages, etc. But, some of our clients started asking if we could offer custom solutions. It didn’t take long till most of our clients started having the same problem: we want houses that are different: different windows, doors, heights, lengths, etc. There didn’t seem to be anyone else doing it, so we decided to give it a try. Now we’re producing mostly custom houses for clients in Germany, Netherlands, and even Canada.

Saun "Margus"

Elements you can modify


You can choose from different kinds of walls: 40 mm70 mm, and 94 mm.

Windows and Doors

You can choose between one– or two hand windows. Doors vary from simple garden house type up to roto-system doors.

Floor Plan and Heights

We can make Garden- and Summerhouses, whose area isn’t exceeding 60 m2 and height isn’t exceeding 5 m.

Some of the Custom Houses we have done